Proposed Solutions

There are different approaches to the mentioned problems in cryptocurrencies and blockchain platforms; but the best approach is to mix them all. Offering services that each need their own specific cryptocurrency limits the benefits of owning the cryptocurrency and we [will] witness many cryptocurrencies each designed for an specific service (Imagine a world where to buy a product you have to use its specified currency!). For this peculiar reason we are facing countless tokens constricted to limited functions. We do not find this model appropriate and suggest a new system called Neel.


As mentioned before, today one of the main problems of blockchain ecosystem is connection between different blockchains, which currently takes place by third party applications. Neel however, plans to solve this issue using a new method called IoB or Internet of Blockchains.
Neel will make it possible for every blockchain to stay connected with neel and all other blockchains connected to IoB network, solving scalability issues in bitcoin and ethereum through self-tokenizing them; and bridge transactions between two or more blockchains.

ImMortal Blockchain

Dependence of blockchains on their native gas was another issue mentioned in problem statement.
To solve this issue neel makes a simple change in transaction fees, advantaging IoB, if there was any market drop on "NEEL" it will not effect the whole network. In such case miners will be rewarded by bitcoin or anyother coin or token connected to IoB network.

Neel ID

On this platform Neel ID will be the identity of users, stored in blockchain system. It will be utilized to synchronize accounts in all services provided by this ecosystem, which allows users to switch between services supported by Neel and use them without signing up each time. This service also does not require users to use public keys and only knowing the Neel ID is enough to perform the transaction.
One of the main reasons that governments Don't like cryptocurrencies and blockchain is the untracable nature of these technologies which can be used by terrorist groups, money laundering and etc. Also it's a bit hard and risky to use public/private keys for sending money in blockchain. Using the NEEL ID each person will have his/her own virtual identity in the network. You can upload any information about yourself in ID system or you can upload nothing but the more transparent your ID becomes the more credit it will Gain and others will trust you in the network much easier. If someone tries to use crypto for evil community will mark that ID with a negetive sign so others notice that while making trades with that ID.

Financed Tokenization

Financing tokenization makes tokens more trustable, less fraud crowdsales and a huge step in decreasing crypto investment risks to attract normal people and traditional investors into crypto world. It can be used to tokenize more physical assets like cars, real estate, precious metals and etc, to trustlessly trade assets of any kind.

Neel Coin

The currency offered by this ecosystem is NeelCoin, which will be mentioned as Neel in short. It will serve as a worldwide tool for the usage of this ecosystem’s services.
Beside normal uses of a cryptocurrency, Neel will serve as the share of Neel decorp and anyone with some Neels will benefit the revenue of this decentralized corporation. All fundings raised from Neel ITO will be saved in an smart contract to be invested in projects registered in headvest based on shareholder's vote.