Problem statement

Despite the fact that many cryptocurrencies and several blockchain networks are being born, still no single cryptocurrency has found its way into everyday life to be commonly used in daily activities. In fact ,in the current position, cryptocurrencies are simply an investment tool used to achieve periodic profits.

Isolated Networks

The current blockchain ecosystem is made up of some isolated blockchains, all operating by themselves with no connection to each other. This results in a cold ecosystem and lots of problems involved with third parties making this connection possible.

Mortal Blockchains

Most of the current blockchains are completely depended on their native gas, meaning on market drops mining may not be efficient and the network might get smaller and more vulnerable.

Weak Profiling

One of the reasons that blockchain became so popular in the first place was the untracable nature of this technology; But that has made it easy to use for terrorist groups, money laundering, fraud crowdsales and etc.

Unfinanced Tokenization

Right now anyone can generate a token on diffrenet platforms with almost no cost. As much as this looks good, but it means there is no guarantee for poeple's money which results in an increasing number of fraud ICOs and even if crowdsale went good you will lose all your money in case of project failure.

Further more ...

Beside technical issues, the other reason is that the original developer teams engage in a minimal activity to create constructs of spreading the cryptocurrencies and expanding the ecosystem; these teams are focused on the technical side of issues and spreading the ecosystem is completely left to the network members, which is fine by itself, but not enough.
the original developer team needs to form a construct along with initial services. In other words, the original team is bound to have formerly planned and made attempts at helpful projects to gain public acceptance of the cryptocurrency and expand the ecosystem as fast as possible.