Headvest Innovations

For the first time investors would be able to involve in executive decisions and project’s progress.
All stockholders based on how much they have invested in, would influence the fate and progress of the projects in the system. The step-to-step settlement system in Headvest resolves the ICO-related issues and fraud cases; because only based on the progress and token owners permission the raised fund is injected to the project. In Headvest the countless number of crypto currencies with limited functions is no longer issue either.

The main incentive for offering the cryptocurrency in many of these startups is limited to the initial distribution of the cryptocurrency; although to buy the cryptocurrency there has to be an added value which usually equals to using the limited services in the system. The end result is a high density in cryptocurrencies.

In Headvest this issue doesn’t exist; because tokens are distributed inside Headvest and by buying tokens not only owners participate in the management system, they also benefit the profit directly. The token owner will have two options when it comes to making a profit from tokens:

  • Frequency of Price caused by current supply and demand (similar to stock market)
  • Offering a part of profit to the investors in the end of each financial period in the company
Headvest also benefits from atomic swaps and supports direct exchange of cryptocurrencies. By cutting out the middleman in exchange of crypto currencies atomic swaps remove the need to third party exchanges. This would result in the first direct decentralized exchange and Neel users will be able to swap tokens and cryptocurrencies with minimum fees and no middleman in the process.