What's Headvest?

Influenced by modern technologies, business and investment are in a transition period and at the core of these technologies blockchain is a game changer in the investment field.

The rise of blockchain, cryptocurrencies and smart contracts has created a chance for a decentralized economic ecosystem to influence traditional investment models in a way that allows everyone to create a token (share) and raise fund easily. Also by studying new suggested opportunities, investors would be able to fund new and innovative ideas.

As any other technology has its negative side, there has been cases of fraud in blockchain’s short history. To this day, there has been many reports indicating ICOs and fundraising frauds. They inspired us to create a new online system for fundraising and investment of businesses, using blockchain technology!

Headvest is one of the primary projects in this ecosystem. Many of the complementary services included in Neel will be released in this service. Headvest has resolved ICO problems and offers a new fundraising method by using innovative ways. Using Headvest all people around the world would be able to fundraise their projects. These projects are bound to support Neel ID and NeelCoin.
Headvest intends to be a blockchain-based substitute for traditional investment markets such as stock market.

In the same vein, fundraising for the Neel project will be done through Headvest as well; which means tokens purchased by Neel investors are supplied stock of Headvest and after setting up the system, using Headvest, token owners or in other words Neel shareholders, will be able to convert this token to NeelCoin. They could also participate in management of Neel and receive their stock’s interest in the end of each financial year.