Cryptocurrencies and other blockchain-based technologies have introduced a magnificent concept for the first time. They took a revolutionary step in technology which resulted in a modern construct for creating a safe and free world.
Blockchain could be considered the most important invention since the appearance of internet; an invention not limited to a specific field and able to influence many other fields as well. This technology was introduced to the world by a revolutionary start in financial systems; but today its scope has exceeded this field, being utilized in supply chains, voting systems, file storage and etc.
But we believe this technology has not been implemented in an effective way and blockchain-based services have not achieved their main goal of replacing traditional services.
The revolution of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have the potential to become widespread enough to find their place in all aspects of everyday life.
This document is trying to introduce a new approach on creating a modern ecosystem which is designed with the purpose of developing a massive blockchain-based ecosystem revolving around a cryptocurrency unit.
This project, also known as Neel, will be a blockchain construct that has started its activity in 2017. The goal of this project is to create a construct for developing unlimited services in the form of a single network and its unique cryptocurrency; in order to let people all around the world be in touch and trade to benefit from it.