What is NEEL?

Neel is a Modular Blockchain Platform to construct a Nexus between blockchains; shaping the Internet of Blockchains to solve scalability, interoperability and sustainability issues in ecosystem.

We have focused on utilizing blockchain technology by helping different teams(deteams) around the world to develop their projects on top of neel blockchain platform.

IoB(Internet of Blockchains)

Today one of the main problems of blockchain ecosystem is connection between different blockchains, which currently takes place by third party applications. Neel however, plans to solve this issue using a new method called IoB or Internet of Blockchains.

Neel will make it possible for every blockchain to stay connected with neel and all other blockchains connected to IoB network, solving scalability issues in bitcoin and ethereum through self-tokenizing them; and bridge transactions between two or more blockchains.



Bridge Transactions between IoB-Connected Blockchains to avoid third-party requirement.


Digital ID to Secure asset Management, online trades and prevent criminal use.

Sealed Tokeniztion

Sealed Token Mechanism to avoid scam tokens and provide lower risk in asset backed token investments.

Self Perpetuating

Neel core is independent from any gas to prevent market drops from effecting the network

Neel Mining

Since the 2018 market drop mining is not a really profitable industry anymore. using the neel node app you can mine not only NeelCoin but all tokens generated in the platform. Soon, after the IoB update over the neel node app all nodes will be able to mine every IoB-Connected crypto including Bitcoin and ethereum; making PoW cryptocurrencies intensively cheap to use.

Utilizing Blockchain

Core developer's minimal engagement in ecosystem growth is one major problem in blockchain platforms, so we have considered a reasonable amount of NeelCoins for developing different apps and services over Neel blockchain. any startup can use NeelCoin as main currency to get fundings for their project. By expanding more projects over neelchain, now people can use NeelCoin as Internet Cash for online purchases, e-commerce, International money transfer and etc.

Neel Coin

NeelCoin is the Next Generation of CryptoCurrencies, which will be mentioned as "NEEL" in short. It will serve as a worldwide tool for the usage of this ecosystem’s services.
It is fast, cheap-to-transfer, secure and accepted in all dapps and services running over neelchain. Soon enough, NeelCoin will be the share of all projects operating over neelchain and all NEEL holders will benefit the revenue.


Neel Ecosysytem

Neel ecosystem will consist a wide range of blockchain-based applications around Neel coin; Trying to bring blockchain into all aspects of our everyday life.

Decentrilized Team

Neel DeTeam

How Great It would be for a decentralized platform to have a decentralized team!
There is no special centrality in Neel’s executive team and it is decentralized! This team is consisting of creative experts from around the world who work on this project voluntarily. Joining to this team is open to everyone who finds him/herself qualified to work on this project.



2018/12/31 23:59:59
Q4 2018
196 : 21 : 05 : 12
December 2017
Architecture design and Whitepaper
October 2017
Testnet Release
October 2018
Mainnet release
October 2018
First Generation Neel ID
Q4 2018
Wallet app release
Q1 2019
Mainnet modular IoB update
Q1 2019
IoB Connection for Top 10 Blockchains
Q2 2019
Neel ID ultimate update
Q3 2019
Creation of Neel-based economy
Q4 2019
Headvest initial release
Q1 2020
Neel Wallet Mining Update
Q2 2020
Cloud infrastructure initial release
To be Continued


Is Neel just a ERC-20 Token?

Neel is an open-source project trying to develop a decentralized blockchain platform for financial systems, Cloud storage and DApps in many other fields. The ERC-20 Tokens Distributed in the ICO sale are only for funding purposes and all will be transfered to Neel's blockchain after inital release.

Who are the members of Neel Deteam?

Because of the expand of this project it was so hard to gather a team in one place to make it done. So we decided to use the capabilities of all the experts around the world to work on this project.

What makes Neel's Blockchain better than others?

Mixing the current algorithm's Pros and Fixing their Cons; Neel Solves some of the major problems that current blockchains suffer from; including Scalablity and sustainablity.
all crypto assets in Neel will be transferable in the IoB network which will be a nexus between all blockchains, the smart contracts will be executed with a minimum fee, it will also be maintainable after decades of data stored in it.

Where is the Neel HQ?

as mentioned before Neel's team is decentralized so there is no HeadQuarters. Deteam members comunicate to each other using bitcoin talk and other available communication tools.